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  • Kyra Knox


Welcome to my new website! Please bear with me while I am still working on the site itself. I am hoping that this can be a 1-stop place for the sharing of ideas, interesting websites that either I use, or that you use, and articles.

When you share things of others, please give credit where it is due. We all know that educators are the biggest "theives" when it comes to getting ideas. But, give recognition to the person or website where you got what you are sharing.

I also would love to see and hear your thoughts, opinions, and view on things. Just be mindful of the tone of the words used - healthy debate is a great way to learn, but being judgemental and close-minded is not acceptable. As I say to my students: We do not all have to be friends, like each other, or agree. But we do have to respect each other, and respect our differences. Because our differences are what makes life so interesting!

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